Courage To Grieve

Courage To Grieve


Profound loss and disappointment are emotions that each of us will experience at some point in our lives. Loss is one of the most difficult experiences to come to terms with. The Courage to Grieve explores how we can deal with every kind of grief, revealing:

- How grief manifests itself in many ways, ranging from anguish, exhaustion, emptiness, resentment, longing, tension, confusion, sleeplessness and sometimes the temporary loss of the will to live.
- How we can help ourselves and others to cope with the immediate experience of death and the grief and mourning period that follows.
- How children and adults cope with grief in different ways.
- What we should do mentally and physically to prepare ourselves for loss and bereavement.
- How grief can transform our lives in unexpected ways, encouraging joys and growth.

The Courage to Grieve offers spiritual, optimistic, creative, and practical guidance and shows us how to live with courage, not fearing death.