Marcus Trower

The Last Wrestlers

The Last Wrestlers

A Far Flung Journey In Search of a Manly Art


Marcus Trower hated WWF. He hated Hulk Hogan, Big Daddy and all the other spandex-clad musclemen who over the years had made a mockery of his beloved sport. For him, wrestling - real wrestling - was a means of expression, both physical and mental. It was also, in Britain at least, a dying art.

Then tragedy struck - chronic health problems prevented him doing what he loved most. Unwilling to let go, he travelled to such far-flung reaches as India, Mongolia, Nigeria and Brazil in an attempt to uncover some deeper, perhaps spiritual, dimension to wrestling. Amidst incredible scenery and a cast of colourful characters, Marcus discovered the true origins of wrestling appeared to have little to do with spirituality and everything to do with seduction...

The Last Wrestler is the story of one man's rebellion against the office-bound constraints of the modern world. Vivid, comic and often moving, it reveals a testosterone-fuelled world you never knew existed.