Colin Ward

All Quiet on the Hooligan Front

All Quiet on the Hooligan Front

Eight Years that Shook Football


All Quiet on the Hooligan Front is a compelling exploration into the changing face of football. Covering the years just prior to the Hillsborough disaster up to the present day, it shows how the mood of English football has changed dramatically since the era of hooliganism described in its predecessor, the hugely successful Steaming In.

The book revolves around the author’s travels and gives a vivid portrayal of the fun that fans have when supporting their team. It looks at how football has changed now that the terraces have gone, and gives an insight into how members of the press often distort the truth about the game in order to sell more papers. The book emphasises the importance now assigned to marketing within football and, on a darker note, looks at the advent of the drugs culture amongst fans.

All Quiet on the Hooligan Front chronicles all of the changes which have occurred in the game post-Hillsborough, and leaves it for the reader to decide whether these have been good or bad for the beautiful game.

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