Alan Clements

Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation


The year is 2014. The Republicans have re-conquered the White House, the Conservatives have just won a second term at Westminster and hardliners dominate Russia. In a small corner of north-western Europe, the Scots have just narrowly voted for independence, a decision they immediately regret.

Following the referendum, George Wallace, friend and Senior Special Adviser to Scotland's First Minister, is desperately struggling to stem financial meltdown and political turmoil when help appears from an unlikely source. He can save Scotland, but at what price for his family and his nation?

As the 100-day countdown to independence accelerates to a shattering climax and the body count mounts, the action switches from the White House to the Kremlin and from Westminster to Holyrood. George is forced to choose between love and belief, loyalty and morality. He must also decide who he can trust - and which nation is really the rogue.