Derren Brown

Derren Brown

A Book of Secrets

A Book of Secrets

Finding comfort in a complex world THE INSTANT SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER



'Enlightening, thought-provoking and illuminating. Derren Brown asks questions about the world, and his intelligent curiosity benefits us all.'


In A Book of Secrets, internationally bestselling author Derren Brown shows us that it is in those
moments when we are faced with adversity that we can find life's most lasting rewards.

In thirteen fascinating chapters, Derren takes us on a personal journey - to the scene of a childhood humiliation, to lonely evenings on tour, to being paralysed by shyness at a dinner party, to navigating middle age and to finding love.

Sharing moments of anger, frustration, loneliness and loss, Derren reveals how it's possible to find consolation and compassion. Even in our most challenging times we can find meaning and grow.

'Derren Brown is a mine of wisdom, humanity and kindness - everything we need to sustain and nourish ourselves.'

***** 'This is the most I've seen Derren lay himself bare'
***** 'Funny, moving and always, always meaningful'
***** 'Derren's best book to date and the best book I have read this year'
***** 'Everything you need in this is a gem. I can't wait to read it a second time'

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