Paula Hall

How to Have a Healthy Divorce

How to Have a Healthy Divorce

A Relate Guide


The process of divorce can be an emotionally devastating experience and, on the practical side, the financial and legal strains can be a major source of stress. But approaching divorce with the right advice and support can help you turn the experience into a chance for personal growth and development, so you can look to the future with a realistic optimism.

How to Have a Healthy Divorce will help you to embrace the reality of the situation, gain more understanding of what went wrong in your marriage and help you handle the rollercoaster of emotions involved in a break up. In clear and simple steps, this practical guide will show you how to:
- Overcome actual and potential challenges
- Accept your past, present and future circumstances
- Formulate a personal action plan that includes practical points on financial and legal matters
- Build a relationship with your ex so you can communicate effectively

This is an accessible, sympathetic and uncomplicated guide to facing divorce with pragmatism and optimism, helping you to emerge from a healthy divorce with valuable lessons learnt and the tools to build a secure and fulfilling future.

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