Jennifer Schefft

Better Single Than Sorry

Better Single Than Sorry


'It's time for women to start telling the world - and each other - why it's better to be single than sorry. Yes, it's great to have a boyfriend or a husband, and I'm not suggesting women give up the idea of happily ever after, but I don't believe in settling... The truth is, we know what we're looking for and we must never sell ourselves short.'

Life can be fabulous on your own - the antidote to dating books!

Better Single than Sorry has a simple, refreshing and powerful message. It's far better to be single than to end up with someone who doesn't make you happy just because you want to be in a couple, feel pressured by society / your friends / your mother, or you want to get married or have kids. She's all for compromising and being realistic, but she encourages women not to settle for the sake of it.

Chapters include:

- Being Single is Not a Curse

- It Takes Guts to be On your Own

- Don't Play Hard to Get - Be Hard to Get

- 50 Reasons Why it's Great to be Single

- But All My Friends are Married...

- Stop Believing You Can't do Better

- Throw Away the Picture of your Ideal Man

- Don't Talk yourself into Liking a Guy

- Basic Instinct - Trust Yours

- What you Want Versus what you Need