Keri Davies

Who's Who in the Archers 2009

Who's Who in the Archers 2009


Now in its tenth edition, Who's Who in the Archers has become a perennial favourite among the show's listeners. It's the first point of reference when those niggling questions arise, such as:

How old is David Archer?
What does Jessica do at Lower Loxley?
Where does Derek Fletcher live?
Who works at Jaxx Caff?

This essential pocket guide provides an A-Z listing of the key characters and places from Britain's best loved, and most enduring, radio drama. It will help you master the intricate and tangled web of relations in Ambridge, uncover the secrets behind the most recent feuds and scandals, and gain insight into the most up-to-date happenings on the show.

Complete with full Archer family tree and an index of character forenames, Who's Who in the Archers is an indispensable guide for long-standing fans and newcomers alike