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Jon Nicholson

I Want My Mummy Back

I Want My Mummy Back

A Moving True Story of One Family's Loss


'This account will not hide from the truth of what this illness does to the one who is suffering, and to all those whom that person loved the most. Above all, however, I want to write this book because my story, which is also Emma's and that of our three wonderful children, is nevertheless a story of hope.'

Living Without Emma is Jon's Nicholson's moving account of how he and their three young children coped when their mother was diagnosed with the cancer that ultimately took her life. On her 35th birthday, Emma Nicholson was told she had a tumour - it turned out to be osterosarcoma, a very rare form of bone cancer.

For 14 months she fought the disease and here Jon writes about how her illness put unimaginable strains on his relationship with his wife and the loved ones around them, how it pitched them all into roles they had never foreseen, and how as a family they coped and pulled together in the dark days after her death to discover a life that, although very different from the one they had planned, is happy.