Stephen Moss

The Owl

The Owl

A Biography


Following his bestselling biographies of some of our favourite birds - The Robin, The Wren, The Swallow and The Swan - author and naturalist Stephen Moss now turns his attention to a group of birds we rarely see, occasionally hear, yet are always on our minds: the owls.

Owls are among the most mysterious birds in the world. Their hauntingly beautiful calls at dusk and nocturnal habits have long captured our collective imaginations - inspiring more superstitions, folktales and myths around the world than any other group of bird. The 'magnificent seven' most famous species of owl - the tawny, little, barn, long-eared, short-eared, snowy and eagle owl - can all be spotted in th UK and each have vast ranges spanning multiple countries and continents where they have lived alongside people for thousands of years.

With this book, Stephen Moss takes us on a journey to discover the secret lives they live between twilight and dawn, from the moment they first hatch, to their nightly hunts and how they raise the next generation, weaving together his insights as a naturalist, international folklore and history, his experiences encountering these birds in the wild and some tips for how - with a bit of luck - you can catch a glimpse of them yourself.

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