Lyn MacDonald

To the Last Man
  • To the Last Man

  • 'Hers is a formidable achievement.' - Sebastian Faulks

    This is the account of the battle, the retreat and the stand at Amiens which saved the city, secured the line, and caused Ludendorff to call off his offensive in the spring of 1918. But mostly it is the story of the men who took part: the Commanders, the weary, resolute British Tommies, the exultant Germans, the French poilus rushed up to stiffen the defence and the still unblooded Doughboys from the U.S.

Lyn Macdonald has established an unrivalled reputation as a historian of the First World War. Her books include: SOMME: THEY CALLED IT PASSCHENDAELE, 1914 and 1915. She lives in London.