Emily Durkheim

The Miseducation Of Tabitha Stone: A Rouge Erotic Romance

The Miseducation Of Tabitha Stone: A Rouge Erotic Romance


As a young girl, Tabitha went off the rails and never quite made it back. Now she's wasting her twenties in the most enjoyable way possible – spending her lawyer father's money and living the high-life among the glittering young things of L.A. But on her birthday, she discovers that this life is about to come to an abrupt end. Her father's had enough with her partying lifestyle and gives her an ultimatum: finish college by the time she's 24, or she's cut off.

Without credit cards, Tabitha finds herself enrolled at a local university, set in the wild mountains of the States' most northern reaches. But even in the most remote town imaginable, Tabby still manages to discover a multitude of temptations: Jake, a handsome senior; Mark, a professor; and a mysterious yet rugged logger she meets in the woods… Who said learning couldn’t be any fun?

Rouge romance - the best erotic romance novels, perfect for fans of Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series.

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