Sir Richard Branson

Losing and Finding My Virginity: The Full Story

Losing and Finding My Virginity: The Full Story


This is the story of my entire life so far... It’s been a rollercoaster ride and I have no intention of getting off any time soon.

Available exclusively in audio, Losing and Finding My Virginity is both of Sir Richard Branson’s multi-million-copy bestselling autobiographies in one combined edition, fully revised and updated, and read for you by the author in full for the first time.

From living on a houseboat to a paradise island home, growing a small business into the global Virgin brand, turning a childhood dream of flying to space into a reality, and building a better world through business, this is an account of almost six decades of entrepreneurship, overcoming the odds and reaching for the stars.

With lessons in life and in business, Losing and Finding My Virginity is a must-listen memoir and an inspiring guide from the ultimate entrepreneur.

Branson has a list of achievements unmatched by any other UK businessman. For anyone burning with entrepreneurial zeal, his reminiscences are akin to a sacred text. - Mail on Sunday

A remarkable story of business success against the financial odds – having created one of the world’s most admired brand names, Branson is entitled to tell it all. - Evening Standard

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