Timandra Harkness

How to Disagree

How to Disagree

A beginner's guide to having better arguments


We seem to have forgotten how to argue about important things without descending into tribalism, insults, and generally thinking the worst of our opponents. This is no good. We'll never get out of the bitter divisions cleaving society if we don't learn to disagree fruitfully.

In this series, Timandra Harkness explores the best ways to disagree with other people - constructively.

She examines how clashes of interests, competing moral visions, factual disputes, arguments about strategies and even different personal preferences over which film to watch at the cinema can all be managed better.

With the help of a trade union negotiator, an expert on neighbour disputes, and scientists, Timandra examines how best to deal with competing points of view, and – when it comes to personal preferences – asks why we try so hard to find reasons for what we want to do or believe.

And she has a disagreement over the merits of disagreement.

Produced by Martin Rosenbaum.