Virginia Nicholson

How Was It For You?

How Was It For You?

Women, Sex, Love and Power in the 1960s


Turn the page back to the 1960s, a decade whose radiant light-show seemed to shower everything it touched with stardust: in the midst of Beatlemania, Penguin Books are found 'Not Guilty' in the Lady Chatterley trial, Mary Quant introduces the mini-skirt, and the Pill becomes available on the NHS. Time magazine coins the phrase 'Swinging London', the first female High Court Judge is appointed and abortion is legalized.

But did the world really change for women? And what did the women of the 60s ultimately take away from a youth supposedly given over to sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll? This book is an act of homage and a journey for those engaging in similar questions today. How Was It For You? reconstructs the real 1960s, through the eyes of the women who lived it. From Floella Benjamin and Pattie Boyd to ordinary, remarkable women, this is their story.

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