Patrick Robinson

Barracuda 945

Barracuda 945

a horribly compelling and devastatingly engrossing action thriller you won’t be able to put down…


International bestseller and multi-million copy selling author Patrick Robinson has penned a sharply-focussed submarine thriller with a plot that spans the globe and weaves acute political tension with engine-driven action. Perfect for fans of Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler and Frederick Forsyth...

'Mind-blowing' -- The Daily Mirror

'Robinson rules the waves... a page-burner of a techno-thriller that matches Clancy at his best' -- Northern Echo
'Gripping... a sure hit' -- Publishers Weekly
'An edge-of-your-seat terror ride. Patrick Robinson has tapped into our fear to create a spellbinding novel' -- Herald Express
'Robinson is in a league of his own.' -- ***** Reader review
'Excellent - very well written!' -- ***** Reader review
'Gripping' -- ***** Reader review
'Simply brilliant' -- ***** Reader review



It's a mystery when Major Ray Kerman, a high-ranking SAS officer and renowned submariner, disappears one day amidst a blood bath on the streets of Hebron.

In the following months, a series of utterly devastating Hamas terrorist hits stuns the British and American governments. Plainly, a military genius is at work. Kerman, intelligence chiefs believe, has crossed over to the enemy's side.

When, in quick succession, the main US oil supply lines from Alaska are attacked and destroyed, without trace or clue, one of the Pentagon's worst nightmares may have come true. Has Kerman acquired a nuclear submarine, and navigated the killing machine through the treacherous straights of the northern Pacific, and on down the American West Coast? The Pentagon now stands helpless in the face of an enemy they cannot see, and cannot stop -- the mysterious Barracuda 945.

But Admiral Arnold Morgan, National Security Advisor to the President, and his intelligence specialist Jimmy Ramshawe, plan a massive US revenge.

If anyone can thwart this, they can...

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