Nigel Botterill

Botty's Rules

Botty's Rules

29 Success Secrets From the UK Entrepreneur Who's Been There and Done it...


If you're in business and want to make it big you need to know the rules of success.

Nigel Botterill had a successful corporate career for many years until one day, aged 36, he decided to step off the corporate ladder and make it on his own. Since then, Nigel has built five separate multi-million-pound businesses from scratch.

Botty's Rules tells you how he did it and how you too can achieve entrepreneurial success by focusing on the right things. Interweaving his own story with the 29 key rules that Nigel learnt on his journey, this highly entertaining and informative business book will equip you with the essential know-how to make it big and get rich like him. Includes real-life examples, simple ideas and tips, and Nigel's 29 rules for success.