Kathryn Mewes

The Three Day Nanny: Your Toddler Problems Solved

The Three Day Nanny: Your Toddler Problems Solved

Practical advice to help you parent with ease and raise a calm and confident child


- Does your toddler refuse to go to bed at night or keep waking up?
- Do you battle over getting into the car seat or push chair?
- Is your child fussy about food or refuse to sit down at mealtimes?
- Is getting dressed in the mornings a daily ordeal?
- Does your child tantrum when things don't go his or her way?

TV's trusted nanny Kathryn Mewes, as seen on Channel 4's series The Three Day Nanny, can help you with all these parenting challenges and many others too, so you can spend more time sharing the fun and wonder of the toddler years with your child and less time getting worn down by constant battling, negotiating or protesting.

In this highly practical book Kathryn demystifies your growing toddler's needs as he or she tries to make sense of the world. She also offers clear guidance on how to solve 100 common parenting challenges within the key areas of sleeping, eating, behaviour, potty training and relationships.

With the help of practical tools and advice on how to approach a challenge, including suggestions of what to say and do, Kathryn will help you lovingly and firmly resolve whatever it is within three days. She also offers concrete support for you as a parent to help you stay calm and in control, empowering you to parent your toddler with greater confidence and ease.

Accompanies Channel 4's TV series, The Three Day Nanny.

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