Erica Heller

Yossarian Slept Here

Yossarian Slept Here

When Joseph Heller was Dad and Life was a Catch-22


'You're Joseph Heller's daughter? How terrific!'

But was there a catch?

Like his most famous work, Joseph Heller was a study in contradictions: eccentric, brilliant and voracious, but also mercurial, competitive, and stubborn, with a love of mischief that sometimes cut too close to the bone. Yossarian Slept Here is a daughter's darkly funny, poignant memoir about growing up a Heller - from her colourful family members and her parents' tumultuous marriage, to her father's celebrity friends and the family's eccentric neighbours.

This is a story about achieving a dream, about fame and its aftermath, about squandered opportunities, lasting love and family.