Charles Lavery

The Black Widower

The Black Widower

The Life and Crimes of a Sociopathic Killer


He drugged his first wife and staged a fireball car crash, collecting a £200,000 insurance payout.

He cheated his second wife of her life savings and attempted to kill her in a copycat crash.

He faked cancer to dupe his third victim into a bigamous marriage, plotting her murder to steal her inheritance.

He is Malcolm Webster: The Black Widower.

After seventeen years of deception and brutality, Webster was finally jailed for thirty years in July 2011 at the climax of one of the longest trials in Scottish legal history. In this chilling book, award-winning journalist Charles Lavery documents the Black Widower’s life and crimes, giving a compelling insight into the mind of a man who killed for money and attempted to cover his tracks with drugs and fire.