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The Discworld Atlas

The Discworld Atlas

a beautiful, fully illustrated guide to Sir Terry Pratchett’s extraordinary and magical creation: the Discworld.


This remarkable work - complete with pull-out map - brings to life the lands and locations of the Discworld stories in a way never seen before. Accompanied by lavish full-colour illustrations and a detailed world map, this is a must-have for any Discworld fan.

What readers are saying...

'Brilliantly witty and highly informative of all areas of the Disc' - ***** Reader review
'Such a wonderful book' - ***** Reader review
'This is a must have for any Discworld fans' - ***** Reader review
'What an amazing book. Worth every penny' - ***** Reader review
'First class' - ***** Reader review


Unseen University is proud to present the most comprehensive map and guide to the Disc yet produced.

In this noble endeavour - drawing upon the hard won knowledge of many great and, inevitably, late explorers - one may locate on a detailed plan of our world such fabled realms as the Condiment Isles, trace the course of the River Kneck as it deposits silt and border disputes in equal abundance on the lands either side, and contemplate the vast deserts of Klatch and Howondaland - a salutary lesson in the perils of allowing ones goats to graze unchecked.

A gift like no other, this stunning package expertly conjures up the sights, sounds, people and places of Sir Terry Pratchett's incredible Discworld in ways fans have previously only been able to imagine.