Dave Fishwick

Bank of Dave

Bank of Dave

How I Took On the Banks


This is the real story that inspired the Netflix film, Bank of Dave.

Dave Fishwick is a self-made, straight-talking man from Burnley who hates the banks. Fed up with never-ending tales of greed and corruption, he sets out to prove that there is a different way of doing things - by opening his own bank to help inject much-needed life into local businesses.

In his bid to set up a simple, no-nonsense bank that actually cares about its customers, Dave plans to use hundreds of thousands of pounds of his own money. His enterprise will offer his customers a far better rate of interest than they get on the high street; he will lend to struggling local businesses that the banks don't want to know about; and he aims to bring the Bank of Dave into profit within 180 days. If he succeeds, he'll give whatever he makes to charity. If he fails, he'll make a terrible loss and ruin his hard-earned reputation as a successful businessman.

Can one man really take on the banking giants and make a real difference to local businesses and his community? Dave Fishwick certainly hopes so.