Lewis Dartnell

Being Human

Being Human

How our biology shaped world history


Being Human is history made flesh. It will change the way you see the world.

'Fascinating' GUARDIAN

We’re a wonder of evolution, capable of incredible feats. But we’re also deeply flawed. Our bodies and minds often break, fail, and hinder us. To be human is to live with this extraordinary contradiction. So, to understand the course humanity has taken – from prehistoric times through the age of empire and into the modern era – we must understand who, and what, we are.

Lewis Dartnell takes us on a mind-expanding journey across time to show how our biology has determined history. From the epidemic that brought Europe’s peasants freedom, to the health deficiency which gave rise to the world’s largest criminal organisation, to the cognitive biases that led to military catastrophes in Crimea and Iraq, we see how our unique nature shaped our relationships, economies and societies – and, importantly, how it continues to impact human progress today.

Praise for Origins and The Knowledge:

'Stands comparison with Yuval Harari's Sapiens ... A thrilling piece of big history' SUNDAY TIMES on Origins

'The most inspiring book I've read for a long time' INDEPENDENT on The Knowledge

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