Gary Heavin



Permanent Results Without Permanent Dieting


Permanent results without permanent dieting.

What began as small weight loss chain run by an expert nutritionist, has now become the fastest growing franchise - ever, easily out-performing Weight Watchers, with 250 new diet centres opening each month. And now, for the first time, the Curves plan is being brought to the general public so that everyone can benefit from this easy to follow and fast-working programme. The Curves diet works by re-balancing the body's metabolism, enabling fast weight loss that stays off - even when eating normally. The questionnaires included allow you to ascertain which of the two diet plans you should follow for the most effective results.

Discover whether you need to follow the calorie-sensitive plan or the carbohydrate-sensitive plan - and for just 2 weeks. After this time, in Phase II, you gradually increase your calorie intake and then in the final Phase III you return to completely normal eating - you need only watch what you eat for 2 days in every month and all the while the weight stays off. In addition to the week by week eating plans - for both types, Curves includes an exercise programme that requires no more than thirty minutes three times a week and promises dramatic and lasting effects.