Agnes Marshall

Ices and Ice Creams

Ices and Ice Creams


'One of the greatest culinary pioneers this country has ever seen' - Heston Blumenthal

‘The aim of the properly constructed sweet is to convey to the palate the greatest possible amount of pleasure’ - AA. B. Marshall

This ultimate ice cream collection was first published in Victorian London by ice cream entrepreneur, Agnes B. Marshall.

Its divine delights include thirst-quenching ice creams, sorbets, mousses and iced soufflés, such as:

Burnt Almond Cream Ice
Sorbet of Peaches
Maraschino Mousse
Chateaubriand Bombe
Plombière of Strawberries
Muscovite of Oranges

These simple recipes are fully updated and can be made as easily using traditional methods and a home freezer, or with modern appliances and an ice-cream maker.

As Voltaire once said: ‘Ice cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn’t illegal’