W B Gooderham

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The Forgotten Friendships, Hidden Stories and Lost Loves found in Second-hand Books

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Books are amongst the most personal of gifts. The book we choose to give a loved one is informed by our intimate knowledge of their personal histories and their tastes. Often, when we gift books, we love to explain the meaning behind our present by writing an inscription within its pages. Ordinarily, we hope the gift and its message will be enjoyed, placed lovingly on its new owner's bookshelf and treasured forever. This is not always the case, though ...

W B Gooderham is fascinated by second-hand books and curates a growing collection of those featuring intriguing inscriptions. The messages he finds range from the awkward scratchings of adolescent infatuation, to the resentful recriminations of a love affair gone sour and offer illuminating glimpses into their books' own secret histories.

This beautifully presented book will feature the very best from the author's collection of dedications alongside the covers of the works in which they were found. From Animal Farm to Pride and Prejudice, there's something here to please every book lover's taste.