Gunnar Dedio

The Great War Diaries

The Great War Diaries

Breathtaking Colour Photographs from a World Torn Apart

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Brutal and cataclysmic, the First World War irrevocably changed the face of Europe. On the centenary of its onset, The Great War Diaries gives a startling and intimate view of life during wartime, through never-before-seen colour photographs from each year of the conflict.

Featuring hundreds of newly discovered colour photographs from the collection of August Fuhrmann, Germany's first media tycoon, The Great War Diaries opens up a hidden world. From the horrors of the front line to challenges on the home front, images of strength and suffering, hope and despair, pulse with new life, illuminated by entries from the private diaries of people on all sides of the conflict.

Accompanying a landmark BBC series, The Great War Diaries casts the experience of the world’s first modern, mechanized conflict in an entirely new light.

"One of the most extraordinary pictorial records of the First World War" - Ben Macintyre, The Times