Emma Cook

5:2 Your Life

5:2 Your Life

How the revolutionary 5:2 approach can transform your health, your wealth and your happiness


The fast way to get your life in shape.

How the REVOLUTIONARY 5:2 approach can TRANSFORM your HEALTH, your WEALTH and your HAPPINESS.

5:2 YOUR LIFE is your easy-to-follow guide to how the revolutionary principles of the 5:2 diet can be applied to key areas of your life, including:

. Relationships
. Exercise
. Money
. Drinking
. Cultural Life
. Screen Time and Technology
. Worry
. Environment

With no complicated rules, 5:2 YOUR LIFE offers a clear and flexible strategy for lifestyle change, including advice, science, case-studies and input from specialist experts.

LITTLE changes just 2 days a week can make a BIG difference – fast.