Amanda Gummer



Fun ways to help your child develop in the first five years


Play is a fantastic way to promote family cohesion, enhance child development, reduce stress and encourage parents and children to enjoy their family life.

Play is a practical and inspiring book for all parents who want to support their child’s development in a fun and pressure free way. Written by a child development expert and play psychologist, it’s packed with activities and insights to help parents support their child through the critical first five years of life.

Find out:

· Why babies love peekaboo and how to promote attachment through laughter
· What toys to buy and what games to play at each developmental stage and why
· How to use musical play to lay the foundations for learning languages and maths
· Ways to manage sibling rivalry, tantrums, ADHD and fussiness through games
· Activities to increase mobility, creativity, confidence, cognitive and social skills

Giving the confidence back to parents, and showing them that the tools they need are already at their fingertips, Play is for every parent who wants a playful and stress-free solution to helping their child to reach their full potential.