Daniel Tapper

Food Unwrapped

Food Unwrapped

Lifting the Lid on How Our Food Is Really Produced


· Is a glass of red wine a day actually good for you?
· Do free-range eggs really taste better?
· How does coffee become decaffeinated?
· What exactly is ‘formed’ ham?
· And what on earth is processed cheese?

More often than not, we work our way around the supermarket and throw items into our trolley without a second thought. But what exactly goes into the things we eat, and how do those products reach our plates?

Inspired by the hit Channel 4 series, Food Unwrapped asks these questions, lifting the lid on the food industry to provide us with much needed answers. Probing and revealing, this book sets out to dispel the many myths surrounding our food and to help you make informed decisions about what you eat.