Sam Philip

Top Gear: Dream Cars

Top Gear: Dream Cars

The Hot 100


A globe-spanning tour of the very pinnacle of automotive design from the experts at Top Gear - with awe-inspiring photography and all-encompassing reviews. The perfect gift for car enthusiasts - young and old!

'This book is a must have for any car fanatic' -- ***** Reader review
'An absolute belter of a book' -- ***** Reader review
'Super cool book!' -- ***** Reader review
'For car lovers of any age!' -- ***** Reader review

Whether it's through raw power, elegant curves or just an eye-watering price tag, there are a small number of cars that mark the pinnacle of automotive design - and now the experts at Top Gear have chosen the very best of them.

Top Gear: Dream Cars - The Hot 100 is a celebration of the cars that achieve that perfect blend of art and engineering.

From the supercar muscleof the Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari to the technological prowess of the Nissan DeltaWing and the mighty McLaren P1, with stunning visuals, including jaw-dropping photography (some 3D) and detailed reviews of each car, Top Gear: Dream Cars - The Hot 100 will take you on a whistlestop tour of the latest and greatest automotive creations on the planet today.

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