Samuel Bjork

The Wolf

The Wolf


'Gives Jo Nesbo a run for his money money' Sunday Express
‘Written in Bjork’s habitual cool prose, it’s an absorbing, twisty novel’ Sunday Times
‘Her name is Mia Kruger, and it is she who makes this superb story very special indeed. Genuinely gripping and with a wonderful heroine, it is sensational’ Daily Mail

It was one of Sweden's most notorious unsolved cases: two young boys abducted and murdered, their bodies brutally, artistically arranged.

But eight years later, when two other boys are found in similar circumstances, it looks like the killer might be back - this time in neighbouring Norway.

Led by veteran detective Holger Munch, the investigating police are baffled. There are no clues, no leads to follow. In desperation, Munch drafts in a trainee from the Police Academy, Mia Kruger, a young woman with an uncanny ability to see beyond the facts. Little does he know that Mia is battling her own demons and will soon find that her life and that of the case are entwined in ways no one could have imagined....

From the internationally bestselling author of I'm Travelling Alone, comes another mesmerically chilling psychological tale of cat and mouse where the hunter may not know that they have become the hunted before it's too late...

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'Simply terrific'
'Intelligent and gripping'
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