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Paul Temple: The Complete Radio Collection: Volume Four

Paul Temple: The Complete Radio Collection: Volume Four

Paul Temple Returns (2006-2013)


Paul Temple lives again in five BBC Radio 4 remakes of classic adventures, starring Crawford Logan as Paul and Gerda Stephenson as Steve.

Paul Temple and the Sullivan Mystery (2006) A pair of spectacles spells danger for the suave sleuth and his wife as they embark on a trip to Egypt.

Paul Temple and the Madison Mystery (2008) A murdered millionaire and a mysterious watch-chain sets the Temples on the trail of an international counterfeiting gang.

Paul Temple and Steve (2010) On the hunt for notorious criminal mastermind Dr Belasco, Paul and Steve find trouble at every turn...

A Case for Paul Temple (2011) Braving booby traps, bullets and blazing houses, Paul pursues a shadowy drug dealer known only as ‘Valentine’.

Paul Temple and the Gregory Affair (2013) When a young woman disappears, Paul is drawn into a ruthless kidnapping racket run by the murderous ‘Mr Gregory’.

These five dramas were originally broadcast in the late 1940s, but are now missing from the BBC archives. Using the same scripts, vintage sound effects and much of the original incidental music, these remakes have been engineered to sound as much like the lost serials as possible.

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