Chloe Combi

Generation Z

Generation Z

Their Voices, Their Lives


Featured on the Podcast You Don't Know Me hosted by Chloe Combi - an exploration into the lives of global Gen Z

'An important and timely book. These are voices that need to be heard.' - Anthony Horowitz

The world is changing by the day. Today's teenagers are growing up in a world of widening social inequality, political apathy and economic uncertainty.

They join gangs, and are kind.
They're obese, and they're more health-conscious than any generation before.
They have underage sex, and they're less likely to get pregnant young.
They drink, and they go teetotal.
They watch porn, and they shun it.
They go to church, and they have no religion.
They're a menace to society. They are society.

Curious, creative and worried about the future, Generation Z have grown up in a world of unprecedented connection, and ever-increasing division. Chloe Combi has travelled around the UK, talking with teenagers from all kinds of backgrounds about their lives, their fears and their dreams, uncovering some truly surprising stories about a generation often stereotyped and dismissed.

Told in their voices, Generation Z is a shocking, enlightening and funny portrait of how it feels to be young in modern Britain, and what it takes to survive and thrive on the journey to adulthood.