Neil Griffiths

The Architects: The complete series 1 and 2

The Architects: The complete series 1 and 2

A BBC Radio comedy


Arch-Brutalist Sir Lucien founded his architectural practice on a commitment to brutalist concrete in all its forms. But fashion has been a cruel mistress, and four decades later things are not going well for Sir Lucien and his loyal(ish) employees. With no money and no commissions, times are tough – but it’s onwards and upwards (and upwards again) for the staff, as they go all out to win new contracts, deal with nightmare clients and fight to get their ambitious projects past the planners.

In the pilot episode, architects Sarah (Laura Solon) and Dan (Ben Willbond) contemplate escape from a malfunctioning multi-storey car park in Esher and the pure aesthetic of the open sandwich.

Series 1 finds Sir Lucien (Geoffrey Whitehead) trying to overcome his creative block by visiting a spa in Baden Baden – accompanied by reluctant colleague Tim (Alex Carter). Back at the practice, the other partners are juggling ambition, principles and scary Americans – and dreaming of taking minimalism to the max.

In Series 2, Sir Lucien and Partners chase a lucrative airport contract, head to Watford to restyle a Premier League footballer’s mansion, design a building with a great big turret (possibly) and decide to go into house building – negotiating marshland, unexploded bombs and homicidal relatives en route...

Written by Jim Poyser and Neil Griffiths, this caustic, satirical comedy also stars Dominic Coleman, Ingrid Oliver, Anna Crilly and Aisling Bea.

Written by Jim Poyser and Neil Griffiths
Directed by Toby Swift

Sarah – Laura Solon
Dan – Ben Willbond
Sir Lucien – Geoffrey Whitehead
Rasmus – Ewan Bailey
Tim – Tim Downie
Mayoress – Joanna Brookes
Car Park Attendant – Ben Crowe

Series 1 and 2
Matt – Dominic Coleman
Sarah – Ingrid Oliver/Anna Crilly
Sir Lucien – Geoffrey Whitehead
Tim – Alex Carter
Hayley – Aisling Bea
Gregory Nettles/Mr Douglas – Sean Murray
Mr Russell/Gentle Energy MD – Steve Toussaint
Nurse/Amanda/Helene/Planning Officer – Carolyn Pickles
Lotte – Georgie Fuller
Snadaker/Dave – Stephen Critchlow
Mr McCoy – Harry Myers
Justin – Ben Crowe
Dawn – Susie Riddell
Murray – Peter Forbes
Noel – David Hounslow
Ella – Rhiannon Neads
Danny – Richie Campbell
Sean – Jude Akuwudike
John/Darvo/Council Receptionist – Ian Conningham
Computer Caddie/Tony – Sam Dale
Jemima – Hannah Genesius
Bob – David Acton
Jane/Lucy – Jane Slavin

First broadcast BBC Radio 4: 27 March 2013, (Pilot), 14 March-4 April 2014 (Series 1), 2-23 February 2015 (Series 2)