Robin Ince

The Infinite Monkey Cage: Series 26-29

The Infinite Monkey Cage: Series 26-29


Four fantastic series of the multi-award-winning science/comedy show

Brian Cox and Robin Ince return to take a witty, irreverent and unashamedly rational look at the mysteries of the universe in these four series. Joining them for some hot science and flagrant comic nerdery are a panel of eggheads and entertainers, all eager to take a deep dive into topics ranging from cosmic dust to coincidence.

Starting with two shows recorded in Sydney, Australia, exploring southern skies and scary spiders, they go on to invent Infinite Monkey Cluedo and plot the perfect crime; scrutinise the secret life of sharks; peer review Hollywood movies set in space and unwrap the science of Egyptian mummies. Also featured are two battles of the species, as the team ask which is better: bees or wasps, and claw through the evidence to find out if cats are superior to dogs.

In addition, they discover the magical world of mushrooms; discuss the pros and cons of AI; attempt to explain quantum physics and visit CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Geneva in search of the Higgs Boson. And in an out-of-this-world mash-up show, they meet Dara O’Briain and Sky at Night presenters Dr Maggie Aderin Pocock, Chris Lintott and Pete Lawrence for some backyard astronomy, as they give us their ultimate guide to studying the stars from the comfort of your own garden.

Other special guests in this collection include Ross Noble, Prof Hannah Fry, Susan Calman, Prof Sue Black, Sally Gunnell, Ed Byrne, Dr Chris van Tulleken, Harry Hill, Steve Backshall, Alan Davies, Marcus du Sautoy, Dave Gorman, Tim Peake, Jo Brand, Russell Kane, Richard Wiseman, Deborah Meaden, David Baddiel and Ben Miller.

Production credits
Presented by Brian Cox and Robin Ince
Producers: Caroline Steel, Adrian Washbourne and Melanie Brown
Executive Producer: Alexandra Feachem

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 18 February-25 March 2023 (Series 26), 24 June-5 August 2023 (Series 27), 11 November-23 December 2023 (Series 28), 17 February-23 March 2024 (Series 29)

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