Darren Jones

Doctor Who: Four from Doom's Day

Doctor Who: Four from Doom's Day

Doom's Day Audio Original


Hired assassin Doom is on a mission to save her own life before Death catches up with her. If she can find the Doctor they might be able to help her - but where in Time and Space are they?

These four missions - The Steel Cascade, The Martian Dilemma, An Ood Halloween and Dark Space - take Doom to a Mediterranean cruise ship in 1966, the planet Mars in the distant past, San Francisco in 1999, and finally a desolate planet in a dying solar system.

Along the way she meets former TARDIS travellers Ian and Barbara, the mighty Ice Warriors, and Brian the Ood. But when a mysterious stranger with silver hair and sunglasses turns up, will he be Doom's salvation?

Written by Darren Jones and read by Sooz Kempner, Jaye Griffiths and Silas Carson, these four original stories form part of the multi-platform Doom's Day adventure to celebrate Doctor Who's 60th anniversary.

? 2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd © 2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd
Readings produced by Neil Gardner/Ladbroke Audio.
Sound design by David Roocroft. Project editor: John Ainsworth. Doom's Day Project Manager: James Page.
Executive producer for BBC Audio: Michael Stevens.

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