Anneliese Mackintosh

So Happy It Hurts

So Happy It Hurts


‘This lovely, quirky novel will appeal to fans of Miranda July and Sheila Heti’ Red

Ottila McGregor is thirty years old and has decided it’s time to sort her life out. She’s going to quit drinking, stop cheating and finally find true happiness. Easy, right?

Getting in the way of this plan are:
1. Grace, her best friend, who believes self-improvement is for people in their forties.
2. Mina, her sister, who is mentally ill, and it might be Ottila’s fault.
3. Thales, the Greek guy who works in the hospital cafeteria – probably the best, most dangerous person Ottila’s ever met.

Told through a scrapbook of emails, receipts, therapy transcripts and other ephemera, this is an infectious one-off of a novel that makes you wince and laugh in equal measure.

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