Simon Bovey

Cold Blood & other stories

Cold Blood & other stories

Four Full-Cast BBC Radio Sci-Fi Thrillers


Four gripping sci-fi adventures from acclaimed scriptwriter Simon Bovey

Simon Bovey is an established writer and director who has penned numerous compelling dramas for BBC Radio. Collected here are four of his sensational sci-fi tales, packed with mystery, suspense and terror...

Cold Blood – Recorded in 2005 but set in 2015, this chilling serial follows a group of scientists conducting research in Antarctica. Once the most pristine environment in the world, this icy wilderness has become gold rush country. Biotechnology companies have raced to unravel the secrets of life in a cold climate, drawn by the lure of lightning in a bottle. Now someone’s captured it – and a killer is on the loose… Starring Tom Mannion, Tim McMullan, Ndidi Del Fatti, Helen Longworth and Stuart McLoughlin.

The Voice of God – Investigating a series of mysterious Australian earthquakes, seismologist Sam Rideout and her outback guide, Joshua, make a sinister discovery when they track the tremors to their epicentre inside an old British nuclear test site. Joshua is Aboriginal, and Maralinga is a sacred place to his people. But it also happens to be a top-secret facility, researching a sonic super-weapon that could lead to global catastrophe… Clare Corbett, Matthew Dyktinski, Geoffrey Beevers and David Thorpe star in this tense apocalyptic thriller serial.

Slipstream – It’s 1945, and the Allies are on course to win the war. But then an unidentified Nazi aircraft appears: silver, disc-shaped and capable of astonishing speed. When it shoots down 150 RAF bombers, Major Barton and his British Commando unit are sent on a dangerous mission to investigate… Rory Kinnear, Tim McMullan, Ben Crowe, Joannah Tincey and Rachel Atkins star in this action-packed serial set during World War II.

Hive Mind – Written in 2010, this dystopian eco-drama is set in 2019, in a world where honeybees are officially extinct. Their role now falls to an army of seasonal migrant workers, hired by farmers like Sam Clark to pollinate crops by hand. It’s a costly, labour-intensive process, so when a new technological solution is developed in the form of tiny artificial ‘bees’, Sam jumps at the chance to try it. But the arrival of the Honeybots proves anything but ideal… Starring Tony Bell and Ania Sowinski, with Michael Shelford, Alison Pettitt, David Seddon and Lloyd Thomas.

Written by Simon Bovey
Directed by Marc Beeby

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