Jo Caulfield

Stop the Press

Stop the Press

The Complete BBC Radio 4 Comedy Quiz Series


Grant Stott is joined by team captains Jo Caulfield and Gary Robertson in the panel game that pits journalists against the people they're reporting on

Hold the front page - it's Stop the Press, the comedy quiz where the points really matter! Recorded live in Edinburgh, each show sees well-known entertainers taking on keen newshounds in a bid to find out who knows more about their own specialist subject. Do these comedians, musicians, actors and writers have what it takes to stop the press?

Joining quizmaster Grant Stott are two team captains, Good Morning Scotland host Gary Robertson and Britain's finest funnywoman, Jo Caulfield. Taking on the might of the Fourth Estate are intrepid celebrities including Ian Rankin, Sindhu Vee, Janey Godley and Jan Ravens, while among those defending the press' honour are rock and pop critic Fiona Shepherd, BBC meteorologist Judith Ralston and formidable Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark.

Included here are all four series of the fast-paced, star-packed show, as well as a special New Year episode recorded at the start of 2018, in which the players look forward to the sporting, cultural and more unusual events of the coming year. With topics ranging from current affairs to general knowledge, it's a good old-fashioned comedy quiz that's ideal to play along with: so why not get in on the action, and pit your wits against the professionals?

Production credits
Chaired by Grant Stott
Team captains: Jo Caulfield and Gary Robertson
A Dabster Production for BBC Radio Scotland

Series 1 featuring: Justin Currie, Fiona Shepherd, Sean Biggerstaff, Siobhan Sinnott, Frank McAvennie, Moira Gordon, Nick Nairn, Bill Whiteford, Joanna Blythman, Andy Gray, Paul English, Horse, Lisa-Marie Ferla

Series 2 featuring: Dave Johns, Hannah McGill, Guy Pratt, Gayle Anderson, Stuart Donaldson, Rona Dougall, John Lloyd, Kate Copstick, Fish, Fiona Shepherd, Tom Urie, Beverly Lyons

2018 New Year Special featuring: Alex Arthur, Aileen Clarke

Series 3 featuring: Allan Stewart, Judith Ralston, Gary Little, Lisa Summers, Ray Bradshaw, Catriona Shearer, Scott Agnew, Laura MacIver, Julia Sutherland, Brian Taylor, Ian Rankin, Theresa Talbot, Sindhu Vee, Glenn Campbell

Series 4 featuring: Donald Alexander, Kirsty Wark, Janey Godley, Richard Gordon, Stuart McPherson, Viv Lumsden, Michelle McManus, Dougie Vipond, Jan Ravens, Tam Cowan, Lucy Porter, David Currie, Hal Cruttenden, Cat Shearer

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 5 May-9 June 2017 (Series 1), 1 September-6 October 2017 (Series 2), 2 January 2018 (New Year Special), 4 May-15 June 2018 (Series 3), 31 August-12 October 2018 (Series 4)

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