Lucy Montgomery

Lucy Montgomery's Variety Pack

Lucy Montgomery's Variety Pack

A BBC Radio 4 comedy


A multi-paced, one-woman Fast Show showcasing the exceptional talents of Lucy Montgomery

'Full of surprises' The Telegraph

Fresh from her success in Tittybangbang, Down the Line and Bellamy's People, human chameleon Lucy Montgomery stars in her very own radio sketch show, packed with comic characters galore.

Meet Maisie and Daisy, the posh private school girls with a unique way of explaining popular culture; jilted bride Wendy, who's determined to give her wedding speech despite her groom's absence; and 'Can-do Candi' Karmel, the 80-year-old diva who won't let old age stop her performing. There's also the acupuncturist who's determined to ensure her clients are relaxed, the humble Cockney charlady who knows her place, and the police officer who can't find the right words.

Find out why the Mona Lisa's been dumped by the Laughing Cavalier (and why Peter Andre is the most dangerous man in the world), hear an alternative take on Gardeners' Question Time; learn how to talk to teenagers in a language they'll understand - and discover the many perks of being Tim Vincent's mum...

Written and performed by Lucy Montgomery, this witty, wonderfully-observed sketch show also features Philip Pope, Sally Grace, Waen Shepherd, Natalie Walter and Iris Walker.

Production credits
Written by Lucy Montgomery, with additional material by Barunka O'Shaughnessy, Steven Burge, Jon Hunter, Holly Walsh, Dan Tetsell, Joe Wilkinson, Fay Rusling, Abigail Burdess, Suk Pannu, Andy Wolton and Joseph Morpurgo
Script Editor: Dan Tetsell
Music by Philip Pope
Produced and directed by Katie Tyrrell

With Philip Pope, Sally Grace, Waen Shepherd, Natalie Walter and Iris Walker

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 24 November-15 December 2010 (Series 1), 26 July-16 August 2011 (Series 2)

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