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Helen Clohessy

My Haunted Expression

My Haunted Expression

A BBC Radio 4 dramatisation


An offbeat 21st Century urban love story starring Rosie Cavaliero and John Dougall, originally broadcast as BBC Radio 4's 'Afternoon Play' on 12 January 2011. It's a difficult time for Sue, her mother has just died and the kids have moved out. She has a vision of leaving their tough housing estate behind and starting a new life by the sea but husband Finn earns little and won't borrow... Finn is a rock in this sensitive tale of love, loyalty and dreams. 'My Haunted Expression' stars Rosie Cavaliero as Sue and John Dougall as Finn. Also featured amongst the cast are Sally Orrock, Tony Bell, Daniel Cooper, Deeivya Meir and Jude Akuwudike. Written by Helen Clohessy and directed by David Hunter.