Matthew Broughton

The Specialist

The Specialist

A Full-Cast BBC Mystery Thriller


From the writer of Tracks and Broken Colours, a gripping new drama about the collision of medicine and something infinitely stranger

When Dr Anna Diaz moves from an urban practice in Cardiff to take on a new job in Bly, a remote village in rural Wales, she finds a community reeling from the unexpected death of their last GP and a startling number of curious rare medical conditions. Among them, a young woman who has become so hairy she looks like an ape, a farmer who is growing new bones, a teacher who hasn't slept for a month, and an old man who has gained enormous amounts of weight and has horns growing out of his head. Deeply unsettled, the locals feel something viral and horrendous is happening to them - they're anxious, confused, afraid, and need help.

Dr. Diaz is determined to understand what's happening, and to cure and reassure the people of the village. But when the sicknesses evolve and villagers start dying, things begin to balloon out of even the Doctor's serene control. The puzzle forms piece by piece as Anna's investigations into the disparate conditions reveal hidden connections. All the illnesses appear to be leading her to the previous GP, his death, and something she's never seen before.

Starring Saran Morgan as Anna Diaz, Sion Daniel Young as Ged Diaz and Michelle Bonnard as Ruth.

Anna Diaz – Saran Morgan
Ged Diaz – Sion Daniel Young
Ruth – Michelle Bonnard
Mr Devonshire – Pal Aron
Mr Dartington – Ifan Huw Dafydd
Raymond – Ioan Hefin
Maggie – Catrin Aaron
Nell – Diana Yekinni
Sian Ellis – Ceri Lloyd

Written by Matthew Broughton
Original music by Sion Orgon and Rhodri Davies
Sound Design by Catherine Robinson
Production Coordinators: Eleri McAuliffe and Lindsay Rees
Directed by John Norton and Fay Lomas
A BBC Audio Wales production for Radio 4

©2024 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2024 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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