David Llewellyn

Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor Novels Volume 1

Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor Novels Volume 1

11th Doctor Novels


Arthur Darvill, Olivia Colman, James Albrecht and Nicholas Briggs read these four original stories featuring the Eleventh Doctor.

In Apollo 23, by Justin Richards, Amy is stranded on the moon, whilst the Doctor discovers one last great secret that could save humanity.

In The Night of the Humans, by David Llewellyn, the Doctor and Amy arrive in the middle of an all-out frontier war on the Gyre, the most hostile environment in the galaxy.

In The Forgotten Army, by Brian Minchin, an ordinary day becomes a time of terror, as the Doctor and Amy meet a new and deadly enemy in New York.

In Nuclear Time, by Oli Smith, the Doctor finds himself living backwards through time, while Amy and Rory are hunted through the suburban streets of his future...

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