Lucy Flannery

Any Other Business

Any Other Business

A BBC Radio Sitcom


All six episodes of the small-town comedy about electoral shocks and local government capers

When long-serving council leader Roland Whittaker loses his seat to a Monster Raving Loony Party candidate with the same surname and initials, he is both flabbergasted and furious. Young Robin Whittaker (who conducted his entire campaign dressed in a chicken outfit and a Viking helmet) isn’t happy either – he only stood for election as a student prank. Everyone expects him to resign, but he’s persuaded to stick it out, and it’s not long before he’s being proclaimed Mayor (and appointing a very unconventional Mayoress...)

With Labour now controlling the council on a wafer-thin majority, the town of Chesbury is facing a hurricane of change – but the old Tory guard aren’t giving up without a fight. And Robin may be full of bright ideas, but his naivety makes him ripe for manipulation. As he attempts to get his head around local government, save Chesbury FC, launch a new currency and deal with Trekkies and a German delegation, will he manage to push through his policies? Or will his schemes be scuppered by argy-bargy, blackmail and political shenanigans?

Created by award-winning writer Lucy Flannery (Rent), this wry, well observed sitcom features an exciting ensemble cast including John Duttine, James Grout, Sally Grace, Jan Ravens and June Whitfield.

Please note some of the humour on this recording reflects the era in which it was first broadcast

Production credits
Written by Lucy Flannery
Produced by Liz Anstee
Starring Matthew Bell, Nelson David, John Duttine, Rosy Fordham, Sally Grace, James Grout, Nick Hardy, Jeffrey Holland, Howard Lew Lewis, Toby Longworth, Jan Ravens, Vivienne Rochester and June Whitfield

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 31 May-5 Jul 1995

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