Stephen Moss

A Complete Guide To British Birds

A Complete Guide To British Birds

And their calls and songs


All six of BBC Radio 4's entertaining and practical guides to the birds of Great Britain, their habitats and their sounds

'An absolute joy from start to finish' Jane Anderson, Radio Times

Presenter Brett Westwood joins forces with BAFTA award-winning producer and naturalist Stephen Moss for six delightful and informative series, introducing us to some of Britain's most popular and best-loved birds.

Together with wildlife sound recordist Chris Moss, they tour the UK, tracking down the rich variety of species that make their home there - from garden and woodland birds to ones that live on water, by the coast, on farms and in the mountains and moors. Recorded on location in Somerset, the Forest of Dean, Devonshire, the Marlborough Downs and Shropshire's Long Mynd, each programme focuses on a different habitat and type of bird, giving us a comprehensive overview of British avian life.

There's a wealth of advice on how to recognise birds from their appearance, and identify them from their songs and calls - enabling you to easily sort out your Blue Tits from your Great Tits, and your House Sparrows from your Tree Sparrows. Brett and Stephen also share fascinating facts about bird behaviour, revealing that playful jackdaws enjoy doing acrobatics in air currents, and ravens love to 'ski' in the snow.

Full of useful information and helpful tips, this box set will appeal to novice and experienced birdwatchers alike, as well as gardeners, walkers, ramblers and anyone who is keen to know more about the beautiful birds of the British Isles.

Copyright © 2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd. ? 2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd
Presented by Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss
Sound recordist: Chris Watson
Produced by Julian Hector
Series producer: Sarah Blunt

A Guide to Garden Birds
Episode 1 Thrushes 22 May 2007
Episode 2 Titmice 29 May 2007
Episode 3 Finches 5 June 2007
Episode 4 Woodland Visitors 12 June 2007
Episode 5 House Guests 19 June 2007

A Guide to Woodland Birds
Episode 1 Classic Woodland Birds 25 May 2008
Episode 2 Common Warblers 1 June 2008
Episode 3 The Oakwood Trio 8 June 2008
Episode 4 Conifer Specialists 15 June 2008
Episode 5 The Big Stuff 22 June 2008

A Guide to Water Birds
Episode 1 Wet Meadow Waders 31 May 2009
Episode 2 Ducks 7 June 2009
Episode 3 Warblers 14 June 2009
Episode 4 Rails 21 June 2009
Episode 5 River Birds 28 June 2009

A Guide to Coastal Birds
Episode 1 Estuaries 8 August 2010
Episode 2 Sandy Shores 15 August 2010
Episode 3 Rocky Shores 22 August 2010
Episode 4 Sea Cliffs 29 August 2010
Episode 5 Offshore Islands 5 September 2010

A Guide to Farmland Birds
Episode 1 Arable Fields 15 August 2011
Episode 2 Winter Pastures 16 August 2011
Episode 3 Hedgerows 17 August 2011
Episode 4 Copses 18 August 2011
Episode 5 Farmyards 19 August 2011

A Guide to Mountain and Moorland Birds
Episode 1 Heather Moors 7 January 2013
Episode 2 Cliffs and Crags 8 January 2013
Episode 3 Upland Grasslands 9 January 2013
Episode 4 Bogs and Mires 10 January 2013
Episode 5 High Mountain Tops 11 January 2013

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