Vicki Pepperdine

The Hudson and Pepperdine Show: The Complete Series 1-4

The Hudson and Pepperdine Show: The Complete Series 1-4

The BBC Radio 4 comedy sketch show


Welcome to Mel and Vicki's flat. You'll have to excuse the noise and the constant interruptions.

What with those dirty Sloanes next door, the men's group meeting upstairs and the stay-at-home dads, we can hardly hear the phone ring - and it could well be Mel's agent offering her a role in something tasteful.

Luckily Leslie, the show's resident announcer, is on hand to keep things moving and to introduce the variety aspect of the show: perhaps a tap dance, or Armed Forces sweetheart Edie Trinder, or maybe just one of the celebrity voices in Mel's head.

This complete collection of the comedy sketch show includes a bonus 45-minute comedy play, 'Hudson and Pepperdine Save the Planet': a comedy disaster about climate change.

Written and performed by Mel Hudson and Vicki Pepperdine
With Dave Lamb, Martin Hyder, Jim North, Keith Wickham, Peter Serafinowicz, Felix Dexter and Lewis MacLeod
Additional material by Martin Hyder, Jim North, Dave Lamb, Jessica Martin, Danny Robins, Richie Devlin and Dan Tetsell, Paul Kerensa and Rhodri Crooks
Script editor: Graeme Garden
Music by Richard Webb
Produced by Helen Williams and Claire Jones (Series 1 and 2), Chris Neill (Series 3 and 4) and Katie Tyrrell (Hudson and Pepperdine Save the Planet)