The Unmumsy Mum

The Unmumsy Mum A-Z – An Inexpert Guide to Parenting

The Unmumsy Mum A-Z – An Inexpert Guide to Parenting



From bestselling author and massively popular blogger The Unmumsy Mum comes this hilarious, irreverent and searingly candid compendium of parenting experiences.
With entries including D is for Desperation, F is for Fish Fingers, S is for Supermum and V is for Vagina, it's safe to say this is not your average A-Z.

This book won't tell you what sort of parent you should (or shouldn't) be; instead, it offers a refreshingly honest account of what being a mum to three young children is really like and the surprising lessons that have been learned along the way.

If you feel as though you're not 'measuring up' or are struggling to #cherisheverymoment, Sarah's tales from the thick of it will reassure and resonate with you. Above all, her commitment to telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will make you laugh out loud and remind you that you are, in fact, doing a great job.

What readers are saying:

'For all parents out there, this is a must read.'
'Absolutely hilarious and so true to life. 100% recommend.'
'Makes me smile and actually keeps me sane as it is so easy to relate to.'
'It made me laugh (Sleeping through), it made me cry (Xmas) and it made me feel better about the times I think I'm getting it wrong.'

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