A. A. Dhand

The Blood Divide

The Blood Divide

The must-read race-against-time thriller of 2021


A detective rings the doorbell in the middle of the night.
He wants to ask Jack Baxi some questions. Jack fears the police have come to arrest him. But things quickly take a darker, more violent turn.

He isn't here to solve a crime.
Because soon Jack is tortured and left for dead, with a young woman he's never met before.

He's here to commit a murder.
Now, running for their lives, Jack and Aisha set out on a perilous journey from Bradford to Delhi to expose a dangerous organisation - and to save the lives of the people they love...

'A fireball of an opening chapter and it just gets better and better. A A Dhand is a gifted writer, and you should run, RUN, to buy The Blood Divide.' Steve Cavanagh, bestselling author of THIRTEEN

'Another thrilling page-turner from A. A. Dhand [...] This might be his best yet' Alex Caan, author of CUT TO THE BONE
'Intense, gripping and impactful' James Delargy, author of 55 and VANISHED
'An adrenaline-filled ride' Ajay Chowdhury, author of THE WAITER
'Opens with a bang and continues with a thrill-a-minute adventure . . . A. A. Dhand knows how to keep me up into the early hours' Vaseem Khan, author of MIDNIGHT AT MALABAR HOUSE
'I doubt I'll read a better thriller this year' M. W. Craven, author of THE CURATOR


***** 'One of the best books I've read in ages'
***** 'An outstanding, nail-biting thriller that packs a punch'
***** 'Full of action, betrayal and friendship - a must-read for any mystery/thriller fan'

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