Sean Lock

Sean Lock: 15 Minutes of Misery & 15 Storeys High

Sean Lock: 15 Minutes of Misery & 15 Storeys High

The Cult BBC Radio Comedy Series


Sean Lock stars in a surreal comedy masterpiece set in a heavily-bugged London tower block

'Minor-key masterpiece' The Telegraph

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, these classic cult comedies sparked a critically-acclaimed BBC TV show that ran for two series between 2002 and 2003. Starring the much-missed Sean Lock, these tower block tales revolve around a sardonic misanthrope who, despite his best efforts, can't seem to keep the world at bay. Holed up in his flat in Elderberry House, he's constantly bothered by friends, neighbours and confused tourists - so he hides microphones all around the block to listen in to the other residents...

In 15 Minutes of Misery, people persist in seeking Sean out, but fortunately, his plumber Hot Bob has fixed him up with a listening device called the Bugger King ('nothing to do with meat or sex'). Aided by tech, he happily eavesdrops on the folk around him - from Honest Alf, whose penchant for song lyrics keeps getting him into hot water with the PRS, to Nazi Cyril, Nigel the Hippie, and some Robin Hood-style bank robbers...

15 Storeys High - Crouched on his lonely perch like a smug hermit, Sean continues to sit tight in his tower block flat. With the help of his video entryphone, the Alienate 9000, he can hide in the comfort of his own home - until his mate Stuart comes round, armed with a lava lamp and wanting a place to stay. It's time for Sean to get himself a flatmate...

Created by and starring Sean Lock, both series feature an outstanding cast, including Hattie Hayridge, Kevin Eldon, Felix Dexter, Jenny Eclair and Peter Serafinowicz.

Content warning: Series 2, Episode 1 of 15 Storeys High ('The Stolen Plough'), which was produced in 2000, includes references to Jimmy Savile.

Written by Sean Lock and Martin Trenaman
Theme tune: 'England Swings' by Roger Miller

15 Minutes of Misery
Starring Sean Lock, Hattie Hayridge and Kevin Eldon
Script editor: Martin Trenaman
Produced by Dan Freedman
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 30 December 1998-3 February 1999

15 Storeys High
Starring Sean Lock
With Felix Dexter, Jenny Eclair, Tim Mitchell, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Peter Serafinowicz, Martin Trenaman, Chris Pavlo, Dan Freedman, Alex Lowe, Dan Mersh, Paul Putner and Rob Rouse
Script editor: Robert Fraser-Steele
Produced by Chris Neill
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 24 November-22 December 1999

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